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Innovation on demand.

Since more than two decades already, our IT lab is passionately working to solve the most interesting challenges with latest optimal technology available, ie use the most powerful tools to knock it out of the ballpark. We have a keen eye on accelerating technologies to implement to improve how things are being done. We use Apple's award-winning FileMaker to produce business software custom-made to your business process. The result is a competitive advantage to run your business.

Optimize your workflow

Manual processes, multiple spreadsheets, independent rigid systems, double-entry administrative tasks, reliance on paper, we’ve all seen it… Thankfully the solution is simple. Custom apps based on the best of best tech available across all devices, platforms and locations. The optimized way to manage business workflows, organize schedules, delegate activities to other staff members, and keep track of mobile teams on computers and mobile devices.

A solution to manage:

• Contacts, communications and mass-mailing
• Time and people, with the integrated multi-user calendar
• Documents
• Projects, tasks and schedules
• Billing, sales and inventory
• Reports and graphs

The power to integrate your existing systems together

Evolve your business with flexible solutions that integrates your off-the-shelf software and enterprise systems. This connectivity will bring the power to adapt business as needed.

Unleash business creativity

Innovation should quickly be turned into business ideas and implmented for the right people. Allow your team to spend less time on administrative tasks and more strategic potential. What happens when cross-branch collaboration is possible and measurable is almost magical.

Leverage mobile technology

Mobile technology is already an important part of business operations and keep transforming commerce today. The ability to share real time data with your team will minimize paperwork, data entry and improve productivity.